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About AutoSock

AutoSock AS is a Norwegian research-based company which has developed, and holds all the rights to, a new product that improves the road safety of cars driving under adverse winter conditions.

AutoSock AS was incorporated as a Norwegian privately owned company in 1998, and Mr. Bård Løtveit, inventor, became the principal owner. In 1999 as the project was in need of more funds, the Fred Olsen owned company Invento AS became the largest shareholder. In 2001 AutoSock was approved by TÜV, which is regarded as a world leading test and certification association. The idea behind using textiles to increase friction on snow and ice is rather old. History tells us that the wife of Henry Ford was the first to suggest this, and the experience was in fact that it worked. In order to develop an idea into reality a resource group was formed in 1998 with the lead of Bård Løtveit. The group consisted of people with high level of competence within the professional fields of patents and trademarks, yarn production, textiles and garment manufacturing, friction, certification of automotive products, design and marketing.

Innovation at the core.

Over the past years, AutoSock has been developed from a simple prototype with little scientific foundation to a high-technology research-based product with excellent traction and durability properties. The research and development has been supported by extensive tests and scientific textile- and friction theories. This year we are expecting the sales to grow even further, as we have penetrated the market in 14 countries all over the world and sold over 400 000 units in total from 2001-2005.

Vision of the company.

AutoSock AS will contribute to road safety by offering safety products based on new man made fibres that can easily be used by drivers during adverse weather conditions.

In short.

The AutoSock is tailored for situations where the duration of icy & snowy roads is normally short and does not justify special tyres or snow chains. It is suitable and permitted as temporary winter aid for vehicles, and is easy to mount and dismount. The AutoSock is machine washable and easy to store.

Research & development

Extensive research has brought the sock through a series of stages - from the first simple ones with a short life span which are beneficial just for specific conditions, to a robust sock suitable for most conditions.

Traction tests with and without AutoSocks were performed along a straight 50 meter test course with a 7% uphill gradient. On ice/slush these tests showed a reduction in elapsed time for AutoSocks between 18 and 21% relative to summer tyres, 8% relative to unstudded winter tyres and 6% relative to studded tyres. On snow the reduction in elapsed time for AutoSocks was between 23 and 33% relative to summer tyres and 4% relative to studded and unstudded winter tyres.

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AutoSock Tests and approvals

AutoSock products have been tested and approved both by the German TÜV and by most car manufacturers.

Tests & Approvals

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