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AutoSock history

The idea behind using textiles to increase friction on snow and ice is rather old.

History tells us that the wife of Henry Ford was the first to suggest this, and the experience was in fact that it worked. In order to develop an idea into reality a resource group was formed in 1998 with the lead of Bård Løtveit.

The group consisted of people with high level of competence within the professional fields of yarn production, textiles and garment manufacturing, friction, certification of automotive products, design and marketing.

Over the past 10 years, AutoSock has been developed from a simple prototype with little scientific foundation to a high-technology research-based product with excellent traction and durability properties. The research and development has been supported by extensive tests and scientific textile- and friction theories.

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AutoSock timeline

1996 Bård Løtveit, the Norwegian inventor of AutoSock starts his Research and Development work.
1997 Invento AS becomes the main shareholder of AutoSock.
1998 Beginning of the collaboration with Kosa Gmbh, worldwide leading fibre manufacturer in Germany
2000 Beginning of the cooperation with Reutlingen University, leading expertise and research centre on industrial textiles
2001 Creation of a new product category and homologated by the TÜV Institute
2001 Registration of AutoSock European Patent
2001 AutoSock is launched into the Scandinavian market
2002 Approved by VW and BMW Group to be followed by 10 other car manufacturers
2005 AutoSock European Patent is being granted
2006 AutoSock achieves sales of 1 million pairs
2007 AutoSock is approved by 12 car manufacturers
2008 AutoSock is approved as Ö-NORM 5121.
2008 AutoSock for Truck is approved as a traction device by CDOT (Colorado Department Of Transportation) in USA
2009 AutoSock has been approved as a snowchain equivalent in Czech Republic and Slovenia
2011 Jaguar Landrover and Hyundai start promoting AutoSock
2012 Sales of 2 million pairs of our products achieved