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AutoSock complies with Swiss snow chain regulations

13th October 2020 – As from today, AutoSock is in compliance with Swiss snow chain regulations. The Swiss Dynamic Test Center AG (DTC) issued an according certificate of conformity KD-0454/20 on 29th September 2020. Together with the certification according to EU standard EN16662-1, this conformity assessment represents a milestone: AutoSock for passenger cars is officially approved as a snow chain alternative in all Alpine regions and the entire European Union from 1st December 2020.

Even winter tires may not provide sufficient safety for driving in winter, which is why snow chains are an important driving safety device. Metal chains are mandatory in most alpine regions of Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Italy. The new European Standard EN16662-1 initiates a fundamental change to existing regulations. It imposes a pan-European acceptance of alternative traction products where snow chains are mandatory. AutoSock for cars is the only product worldwide that is certified according to the new European standard.

Since Switzerland is not committed to any EU standards, the currently issued Swiss certificate of conformity is of particular importance. "We are satisfied that AutoSock can now be legally used in the entire Alpine region when snow chains are required," says Odd-Christian Krohn, Managing Director of AutoSock Operations AS.