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AutoSock is legally accepted as a snow chain alternative in the EU, the UK and Switzerland

From 1st December 2020 AutoSock for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles are legally accepted throughout the European Union (except Austria) and Switzerland when snow chains are mandatory.

AutoSock is the first product worldwide to be certified according to new European standard EN16662-1:2020. Following EU procedures, the standard has been implemented as national standard in all EU member states (except Austria), as well as in Norway, Switzerland, Serbia, Turkey and the UK (see list below).

At the same time, any conflicting national standards were withdrawn by November 30th, 2020. In addition, AutoSock obtained homologation in Switzerland already in October 2020.

In short, AutoSock for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles below 3,5 t gross weight can now be used whenever snow chains are mandatory in any country of the EU (except Austria), the UK and Switzerland.

Countries that have implemented EN16662-1 as a national standard

Country European Standard
Belgium NBN EN 16662-1:2020
Bulgaria БДC EN 16662-1:2020
Croatia HRN EN 16622-1:2020
Czech Republic ČSN EN 16662-1
Denmark DS/EN 16662-1:2020
Estonia EVS-EN 16662-1:2020
Finland FSF-EN 16662-1:2020
France NF EN 16662-1
Germany DIN-EN 16662-1:2020
Greece EΛOT EN 16662-1
Hungary MSZ EN 16662-1:2020
Iceland ÍST EN 16662-1:2020
Ireland I.S EN 16662-1:2020
Italy UNI EN 16622-1:2020
Latvia LVS EN 16662-1:2020
Lithuania LST EN 16662-1:2020
Luxembourg ILNAS EN 16662-1:2020
Netherlands NEN-EN 16662-1:2020
Norway NS-EN 16662-1:2020
Poland PN-EN 16662-1:2020
Romania SR-EN 16662-1:2020
Serbia SRPS EN 16662-1:2020
Slovakia STN EN 16662-1
Slovenia SIST-EN 16662-1:2020
Spain PNE-EN 16662-1
Sweden SS-EN 16662-1:2020
Switzerland SN EN 16662-1
Turkey TS EN 16662-1
United Kingdom BS EN 16662-1:2020