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New Winter Driving Regulations in France

AutoSock meets all requirements for removable winter traction devices stated in the new French Winter Driving regulations.

According to the new regulation, also referred to as “Mountain Law” (“Loi Montagne”), 48 Departments in France are defined as “mountainous” areas where new road rules shall apply. Here, local authorities can identify safety-relevant road sections, where vehicles must be equipped with winter tires or removable winter traction devices. These special road sections will be indicated by two new road signs, signalizing the beginning and the end of the winter equipment section. These new regulations will apply throughout the winter season starting November 1st until March 31st.

“With this new regulation in place, AutoSock is a real alternative to expensive winter tires for anyone driving only occasionally on such road sections”, says Odd Christian Krohn, CEO of AutoSock Operations AS, when asked about the new French rules.

Already since 2009 AutoSock products are certified to meet French snow chain requirements. With the introduction of the new European standard EN16662-1, AutoSock is now legally accepted throughout the European Union when snow chains are mandatory on vehicles up to 3,5t gross weight.