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Fitting AutoSock to cars

Tips for safe fitting, use and removal

Fitting is very easy on most cars, more difficult on a few. The most difficult vehicles to fit are – no surprise – rear wheel drive cars with limited clearance. If you can't get your forearms into the space between the wheel and the wheel arch, fitting will be difficult. But blame the car, not the AutoSock! If they are a very tight fit, too tight, please let us know because there is obviously a size issue that we need to learn about.

Autosock Fitting Instruction Images


It could hardly be simpler. Stop the vehicle and apply the parking brake. Fit AutoSock to the driving wheels of the car, starting at the top of the tyre and working downwards. Move the vehicle approximately 1 metre and put the remainder of each 'Sock' into position - see the "movie" sequence above. The AutoSock will automatically self-centre when you start driving. A useful video is shown on the overview tab above.


There's NO need to turn off any electronic traction and stability devices, e.g. ETS, ASR, ESP, DSC. Drive off gently, avoiding wheel spin. Extreme acceleration and braking could damage the product.


Take AutoSock off the wheels, shake off any snow, and put them back in their storage pouch pending washing or further use.