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AutoSock snow socks for forklift trucks

AutoSock keep fork lifts moving safely in snowy weather!

If a pair of AutoSock is pulled over the driving wheels then a fork lift will have enough grip to get moving again, and to keep moving safely. If you need to use a fork lift outside then AutoSock will be critical to keeping your operation up and running in snowy weather. It really is this simple!

Points to note:

  • fitting them is quick and easy, before or after a fork lift gets stuck
  • fitting them requires no practice and no special training
  • they're reusable until they become too worn – we will provide guidance on this
  • they are TÜV approved and have full product liability insurance
  • they are made by AutoSock AS, a Norwegian company who invented and developed the vehicle snow sock concept. AutoSock AS owns the relevant patents
  • they always work!

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