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AutoSock snow sock fleet enquiries

Business and fleet customers will be reading this page if they're looking at options for ‘keeping on trading’ in snowy weather, or reliable options for getting their vehicles safely back to base. Whether your vehicle might be a truck that's skidding on a gentle motorway incline or can't push back to a loading bay, or a supermarket delivery vehicle on all season tyres at the top or bottom of a steep hill, or a bus that needs to get back to its depot, we think that AutoSock are the only practical solution for keeping vehicles moving safely. We think it makes sense for any business that needs to use vehicles as part of its daily activities to include AutoSock as part of its winter resilience strategy.

The R&D section in About Us, see the top menu, has important information about why an AutoSock is designed the way it is, for safety as well as performance. This matters, because there are many knock-offs, all of them seriously defective in one way or the other. Both we and AutoSock in Norway have tested many of these products and we know that we wouldn't want to trust them on our family cars or Company vehicles. Driving in snow is already much more dangerous than normal driving - this is not a time or place for cutting corners!

Is your fleet prepared for winter driving?

AutoSock - the business case

AutoSock will keep vehicles moving safely; choose AutoSock!

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The next step: Get hold of a set for testing purposes, get a price, ask questions

Please contact our Business Development Manager on 01539 622406, or e-mail

At some stage we'll need to know the number of pairs you think you need, and your vehicle tyre sizes. We have a useful tool that allows you to identify which AutoSock you need, and to store this information for as long as you want. Follow the link below to get started:

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