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AutoSock snow sock fleet enquiries

Business and fleet customers will only be reading this page if they're looking at options for being able to 'keep on trading' in snowy weather. Our briefing note 'AutoSock - the business case' (1) makes a business case for adding AutoSock to this list of options and (2) aims to explain that, when comparing AutoSock to other snow socks, you are comparing chalk and cheese.

Every component in an AutoSock has a purpose in design and quality – the road contact fabric, the number of straps, the front mesh. Most of the copiers have copied the concept without understanding the engineering, doing it as cheaply as possible, which is why some copies don’t last as long and are prone to failure, e.g. being dragged behind the wheel when cornering in wet snow. Both we and AutoSock in Norway have tested many of these products and, even just looking at them side by side with AutoSock, we know that we wouldn't want to trust them on our family cars or Company vehicles. Driving in snow is already much more dangerous than normal driving - this is not a time or place for cutting corners!

Fleet buyers may wish to contact our Business Development Manager on 01539 622406, or e-mail with the following information:

  • Size of fleet
  • Likely quantity by tyre size
  • Contact details

We have a useful tool that allows you to identify which AutoSock you need for your fleet, and to store this information for as long as you want. Follow the link to get started →

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